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What Makes a CMG Housing So Good?!?

First off, we have the right tools for the job. While our jigs might look simple (not shown), it allows CMG to produce consistently superior rear housings every time. Our housings have been measured to be square within .004" perfect square. This is several orders of magnitude higher than a standard rear housing from 600. We use nothing but spec material to create a housing and they have passed stringent inspection by INEX tech inspectors after an event.

Tending to Details

Every rear housing we build is measured for excess toe and camber, with a digital caliper. Within minutes, a rear that is out of spec can be brought in line to the point where, even using a laser guide to measure, the housing is virtually perfect.

When It's Time to Repair

CMG has all the tools necessary to effect repairs on damaged housings. With rare exceptions, like when the center piece (called the "pumpkin") is damaged in an accident. Whether you prefer single or double shear, we can meet your needs.

Is my rear housing straight?

Checking your rear to see if its straight is a simple process. Follow these six steps and see just how straight your rear housing is.

Step 1 Disassemble your housing. Remove the gear and the axles from your housing. Remove rear housing from the car for easier measuring. NOTE: You can measure the rear in the car but to be accurate it’s easier to remove it from the car.

Step 2 Clean the ends of your housing. Remove any silicone or dirt particles. This assures you an accurate reading of your housing. Any object on the axle cap face will alter your measurements and give a false reading.

Step 3 For this step you will need 2 straight edges and a tape measure. The straight edge should measure at least 2 feet in length. This will allow you to measure a 24” distance from front to rear of the housing, 12” in both directions. This process will take 2 people perform.

Step 4 Place the rear on the floor with the housing pointing forward just like it’s in the car. One person on one side of the rear and one person on the other. Hold your straight edges tightly against the axle flanges in a horizontal position. Take your tape measure and hook it on the other person’s straight edge 12” back and pull it back to yours. Take the measurement…(lets say it’s 44 1/8”) Take your tape measure and measure 12” in front of your rear housing the same way you measured in the rear of your housing. (lets say that measures 44”)

Step 5 This is a difference of 1/8 of an inch. When the rear number is greater than the front number you have toe in. When the front number is greater than the rear number you have toe out.

Step 6 The measuring process is now half over. Turn the rear over with the front of the housing facing the floor. With this measuring process you will be measuring the rear for camber. Simply repeat Steps 3 , 4, 5. With this process you also divide your difference in half because you are still measuring off the centerline of the rear. IF YOU GET A DIFFERENCE OF 1/8” OR MORE WHEN MEASURING TOE OR CAMBER, YOU’RE REAR IS BENT.

Follow these simple steps and you should know if your rear is straight. This is the same process we use here at CMG Motorsports. Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your rear housing or any other items we sell at CMG . Thanks for using CMG and we look forward to doing business with you in the future!


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